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DJI LiDAR Range Finder

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Accessory Port:

Cold Shoe

1/4"-20 Mounting Hole

USB-C Port

USB-C Power/CVBS/CAN Data Port

Image Sensor:

Resolution: 448×298 on the touchscreen

FOV: 57.4° (horizontal), 44.6° (vertical), 70.1° (diagonal)

Focal Length: 30mm equivalent

ToF sensor:

Resolution: 240×180

Sensing Range: 0.5-14 m

Distance Error: 1%

Machine Learning:

Can recognize up to five targets at the same time, and choose one to follow.

Identification Distance: 9 m

Electrical Properties:

Power Consumption: 6.8 W

Input: 7 to 16 V

Operating Temperature:

-20° to 45°C (-4° to 113° F)

Mechanical Properties:

Dimensions: 66×57×24 mm (L×W×H)

Weight: Approx. 130 g

Mounting Plate Height: 30 mm

Lenses that Do Not Needs Calibration:

DZOFILM Vespid Cyber 35/50/75 mm


DJI RS 3 Pro