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Angenieux EZ-3 45-165mm T2.3 S35 & 68-250mm T3.5 Cinema Zoom Kit (PL, Super35 & Full-Frame)

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The EZ-3 68-250mm & 45-165mm Cinema Zoom Kit from Angenieux consists of a compact PL-mount zoom lens plus both Super35 and FF/VistaVision rear lens-groups, enabling you to use the zoom with a wide range of cine-style cameras. Simply swap out the rear group to use this versatile 3.7x ratio zoom with the format of your choice on a project-by-project basis. The ARRI PL mount can be changed for separately available Sony E or Canon EF mounts, further expanding the EZ-3 zoom's versatility.
This lens features industry-standard 0.8 MOD focus, iris, and zoom gears for compatibility with follow focus units and lens control motors. The 114mm front diameter enables you to work with a wide variety of rod-supported matte boxes.

Interchangeable Rear Optics

Angenieux's innovative quick IRO (Interchangeable Rear Optics) system provides a compact, two-in-one sensor-format compatibility solution.
The included screw-mounted S35 and full-frame/VistaVision real optical blocks can be changed in the field by users.
Extender: the full-frame rear group also functions as a 1.5x extender for S35 capture.
No crop factor: the 22mm/T3 wide-angle end for large format cameras converts the lens into a 15mm/T2.0 for S35 cameras, maintaining a similar field of view with extra gain in the T-stop.

Interchangeable Lens Mounts

This EZ-3 zoom lens ships with an ARRI PL mount, which can be swapped with separately available Sony E, Canon EF, or Canon RF lens mounts for compatibility with a truly wide variety of cameras.

Fast Maximum Aperture

The relatively fast T2.3 maximum aperture in Super35 and the T3.5 in full frame enables you to light to a lower level than would normally be required for many zooms.
In full frame, the EZ-3 maintains a constant T-stop from 68-200mm or a constant T-stop across the entire zoom range when the aperture is set to T4.5 or slower.

EZ Series Compatibility

The EZ-3 zoom's Focus/Iris/Zoom gears occupy the same positions as the EZ-1 and EZ-2, enabling it to use the same accessories.
This zoom is compatible with the Angenieux MSU-1 and MSU-1A servo units for ENG-style use.

Manual Lens Control Rings

Featuring independent manual control rings for focus, iris, and zoom. Each control ring incorporates industry standard 0.8 MOD lens gear teeth.
114mm Front Diameter
The EZ-3 shares the same 114mm front common to the Angenieux OPTIMO lens series, enabling you to easily share matte boxes between the EZ-3 and the OPTIMO lenses.
A 105mm thread lets you add filters to the front of the lens when you want to eliminate the weight of a matte box.

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