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Arri Ultra Prime 6 lens set T1.9 PL mount

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Ultra Primes were developed through a collaboration between ARRI and Zeiss, with Zeiss undertaking manufacturing. Ultra Prime Lenses retain their excellent image quality even at close focus across the whole Super 35 frame. The Ultra Primes provide the optimal image quality, vivid colors, and skin tones for which ARRI/Zeiss are known. Each lens in the series features a T* XP lens coating for reduced glare and minimised reflections. The lenses’ fast, maximum aperture of T1.9 enables shallow depth-of-field shots. Minimal focus breathing does not draw attention to focus pulls, preserving the viewer’s cinematic experience. All lenses in the Ultra Prime series share common focus and iris gear positions, each with a 95mm front barrel diameter, making for fast lens swaps with no need to reposition lens accessories.

16mm, T1.9 - 22, S35, Close Focus: 25.4cm,, Weight: 1.18kg

24mm, T1.9 - 22, S35, Close Focus: 30.48cm,, Weight: 1kg

32mm, T1.9 - 22, S35, Close Focus: 35.56cm,, Weight: 1.09kg

50mm, T1.9 - 22, S35, Close Focus: 60.96cm,, Weight: 1kg

85mm, T1.9 - 22, S35, Close Focus: 91.44cm,, Weight: 1.18kg

100mm, T1.9 - 22, S35, Close Focus: 99.06cm,, Weight: 1.18kg