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DZO Film PAVO 2x Anamorphic 28/40/75mm T2.1 / 3-Lens Set / Neutral Coating /PL-EF Mount

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S35, 2X Compression factor

Match with various cinema cameras, the 2X anamorphic magnification brings excellent WATERFALL BOKEH. The combination of S35 and 2X is so-called the 'TRUE' anamorphic.

Small Size & Lightweight

The lightweight size of Pavo Anamorphic lenses reduces the burden on filmmakers/ video-makers, and it is a perfect match for drones, Steadicam and other shooting equipment.

Breaking through the anamorphic limitation of closest focusing

The close focusing distance of all the Pavo lenses is shorter than any anamorphic lenses on the market. This provides the possibility of diverse and multi-scene presentations for videos and feature films.

Pleasing barrel distortion, classic anamorphic with modern design

Low distortion rate design, retaining a classic anamorphic user experience without losing good image quality in style


Focal Length: 28/40/75
Flare Type: Neutral Coating
Mount: PL/EF
Aperture: T2.1-T22
Image Circle: Ø31.5 mm (S35)
Construction of Optics: 14 Elements in 13 Groups
Flange Distance: 52mm (PL) / 44mm (EF)
Close Focus: 0.6m
Squeeze Factor: 2x
Iris control: Manual (63°)
Focus control: Manual (270°)
Front outer diameter: Ø95mm
Length: 108,4mm
Iris Blades: 16
Filter Size: M86
Gear Pitch: 0.8 Mod
Material: Aluminium