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Cooke SP3 lens set (18.5, 25,32,50,75,100) T2,4 Full Frame

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Focal length range: 18,5mm / 25mm / 32mm / 50mm / 75mm /100mm

Format: Full Frame (S35 compatible)

Mounts available :
Sony E mount
Canon RF mount
L Mount

Speed: T2.4

Form: Small and lightweight yet finished in tough anodised shell

Scale: Dual Focus scales

Compatibility: Matched to Panchro/i Classic series

The Cooke Look

  • The SP3 primes are closely based on the classic Cooke Look popularized in Hollywood films.
  • Outstanding definition and resolution are complemented by a classic fall-off towards the frame edge.
  • Proprietary Cooke optical coatings ensure flare control and color matching across the series.
  • Images are rendered with greater realism thanks to heightened dimensionality and contrast performance.
  • Facial images feature optimal skin tone and character.
  • Consistent T2.4 Aperture

  • Designed with a fast T2.4 aperture that is consistent across the series.
  • The 9-blade aperture features smooth and accurate adjustments with finer control towards the wider end.
  • Focus Control

  • Non-linear focus scales provide more exact control as you approach minimum focus.
  • Industry-standard 0.8-MOD focus and iris gears are compatible with third-party FIZ systems.
  • Focus scales are marked in both feet and meters.
  • Filter Support

  • A common 64mm front diameter and M58 filter size across the series (except the 100mm) enables quick lens changes when working with matte boxes and adapters.
  • Enables you to filter the lens without adding the weight of a matte box to your drone or gimbal.