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Tokina Cinema Vista Primes 6 Lens Set 18-25-35-50-85-135 T1,5

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TOKINA CINEMA VISTA 6 x PRIMES 18/25/35/50/85/135 T1.5 PL or EF mount

We are excited to have received a full 6 x set of the new Tokina Vista Cinema Prime Lenses which are Full Frame PL T1.5 and have a huge 46.7mm image circle which will easily cover a RED Monstro, Alexa LF, Alexa Mini LF and Sony Venice – everything FF basically. 8K FF on a Monstro is not a problem!

ALL Lenses are Metric

The Tokina Vista Vision Primes perform exceptionally well on a Super35 sensor too, we totally adore the image we get from them on a RED Gemini or Alexa Mini, don’t assume these lenses are for Full Frame cameras only, they positively are not!

All of the Tokina Vista Cinema Primes share the same form factor, same lens gear position, focus rotation and front diameter (114mm) and T stop to (T1.5) The lenses feature markings on both sides of the lens housing, so are easily readable from either side of the camera.

The Tokina Vista Primes feature a 9-blade iris which provides round spheres of natural looking bokeh and a 300’ focus rotation with zero or not noticeable breathing – ARRI Master Prime performance but Full Frame, in a nutshell.