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Atlas Orion 40mm-65mm-100mm T2 2x Anamorphic Primes

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The Atlas Lens Company Orion set with 40mm, 65mm and 100mm T2.0 Anamorphics are a premium PL or EF-mount lens set that provides a cinematic, 2x-squeeze image with fantastic bokeh and remarkable flare, all while minimizing breathing. Key features include:

For Super35 sensors providing up to 31mm coverage

2x anamorphic squeeze & fast T2.0 aperture

PL or EF mount

J.J. Abrams-esque lens flare with minimal breathing

All lenses has 114mm front diameter

The Anamorphic Look. The Orion Anamorphic lenses provide a clean, oval shaped bokeh you might expect out of more expensive anamorphics. The Orions produce a unique but well-controlled anamorphic lens flare. If you want dat J.J. Abrams look tho, this lens will give it to you. Shining a light toward the lens in the frame will produce a wonderful blue-hued flare that goes almost edge to edge depending on light strength.

Standardized Features. All the Orion Anamorphic lenses have the same front lens diameters, focus, and iris ring positions. This allows for super-fast lens changes just by swinging your matte box and dropping your follow focus without moving their positions. Markings in feet appear on both sides making it easy for ACs and focus-pullers to do their jobs. The entire Orion series boasts the same industry-prevalent 0.8 pitch gears and 114mm front diameters.

Compatibility. A 31mm image circle means the Orions can cover 4:3 ANA 23.76 × 17.89mm in Arri Alexa-land. Over on the RED side, this lens can cover Helium 8K 6:5 ANA, Gemini 5K 6:5 ANA, and Monstro 7K+ 6:5 ANA.

Atlas Orion 40mm T2 2x
Atlas Orion 65mm T2 2x
Atlas Orion 100mm T2 2x
Front caps
Lens mount
15mm Lens Support
Hard Case

Why is Cinemascope Anamorphic shooting so special? It's often difficult to put into words the feeling we are left with when watching something shot using Anamorphic lenses.
One particularly unique feature of a true front Anamorphic Lens is that for a given focal length, you have the same vertical field of view as that of a spherical lens of the same focal length, but with twice the horizontal field of view (2X).
In the example of a 65mm 2x Anamorphic Lens, you would have a 65mm vertical FOV with 32.5mm equivalent horizontal FOV.

In effect, you can capture a wide-angle image with the inherent shallow Depth of Field qualities of a telephoto prime lens. This optical property creates a unique sense of perspective magnification which generates depth in your images -- at times feeling more epic than real life as we experience it!

Utilizing a sensor optimized for Anamorphic shooting (4:3 mode, Full Aperture 17.8mm sensor height) you can unlock the full Imaging potential of the Orion Series Anamorphic Lenses.