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Wooden Camera Follow Focus - Zip Focus Single-Rod

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Pivots and Adjusts to Fit Most Lenses
1:1 Gear Ratio
0.8 MOD and Friction Drive Gears
Includes 2 Standard Marking Disks

If you require a follow focus that can fit compact camera setups, check out the Wooden Camera Zip Focus Single-Rod Follow Focus. As the name implies, the Zip Focus only requires a single rod to secure to your camera rig.
The short design of this follow focus works best with 15mm LWS configurations. A central joint allows for flexible pivoting to fit a wide range of lenses.
The rubberized focus knob is textured for a sure grip.
At the center of the knob is an ARRI-standard accessory port for attaching separately available accessories such as a whip or a crank.

Use the included hard-stop disk with lenses that don't have hard stops, like many DSLR and mirrorless camera lenses, or if you want to physically limit your cine lens's focus rotation.
Two standard replaceable marking disks are included as well.
Users of photography lenses will appreciate the inclusion of a friction drive gear in addition to the 0.8 MOD drive gear for controlling lenses that don't have gearing.
Gears can be secured to either side of the follow focus, providing flexibility in positioning where the follow focus can be tightened down, relative to other rig components.