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Sk8plate Camera Dolly Kit with 1.8m Tracks (p/n SK8-COMP-01). ***Please Note: Product images display camera, monitor, matte box, Tripod head & legs, these are for display purposes only and not included.
The Sk8plate camera dolly is the most versatile camera slider & skater you will ever need. It is now stronger, lighter and quicker to set up but will still take any camera from DSLR to Arri Alexa. Sk8plate is more than just a dolly, it will also undersling the camera for over head shots, work as a table top Skater with revolving wheel arms for curved shots, it will convert in seconds to a standard HiHat and will take Sk8plate's attachable belt free motor for remote controlled moves and timelapse ability. The top plate has a selection of 1/4" & 3/8" threaded inserts for fixing equipment to the dolly.
The Sk8plate track arms have an integral clamping design to hold the supplied 1800mm black...

1x Sk8plate Dolly
2x 1.8 Black Tracks
2x Attached Wheel Arms
2x Track Mounting Brackets Fitted to Dolly for Storage
3x Bowl Riser Legs
1x 100mm Bowl with 75mm Insert
1x Allen Key Tool
4x Adjustable Screw in Ground Feet
2x Safety / Friction Brackets
2x Track Lighting Stand Spigots/ Mounting for Tripod
1x Case
1x Bag