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Edelkrone Motion Control Slider

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Included in Kit:

-Slider Plus Pro Long
-3 feet (90cm) camera travel on tripod
-1.5 feet (45 cm) camera travel on ground
-40 lb (18 kg) carrying capacity on ground
-20 lb (9 kg) carrying capacity on tripod
-25 in (63 cm) actual body length
-4 lb (1.8 kg) actual body weight

- Slider Head Plus
Motorized Pan & Tilt Head with optional Focus Add-on.
Includes smart object tracking with auto focusing + wireless connectivity with
edelkrone motorized Sliders and Dollies.

-Slide Module V2
Gives SliderPLUS automated sliding motion, Ultra quiet operation
Ultra precise backlash-free operation, Controlled from a smartphone via bluetooth

-Steady Module for Slider
Adds SliderPLUS the Steadymove® feature
Enables ultra smooth&steady slide speeds
Adjustable friction tension.
Works with all SliderPLUS models purchased from Jan 2016
100% CNC machined aluminum body

-Focus Module
Motorized follow focus for HeadPLUS
Enables HeadPLUS & HeadPLUS PRO to auto-focus on stationary objects.
100% CNC machined aluminum body
Focus Module comes with 3 x edelkrone Lens Gear to work with any lens.

-1x V-Lock Batt
-2x NPF 970 Batteries

-Edelkrone Backpack