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The LS 60x is a battery-powerable bi-color focusing LED that uses custom aspherical optics to achieve a 15-45° spot-flood beam angle with intense output and flexibility.


CCT 2700K~6500K
CRI ≥96
TLCI ≥98
CQS 95 (ave.)
SSI (D56) 74
SSI (Tungsten) 86
Beam Angle 15°~45°
Output Wattage 60W
Max Power Draw 90W
Operating Current <6.5A (Max)
Operating Voltage (Power Supply) 19V
Operating Voltage (Battery) Sony NP-F 6~8.4V (Single battery) 12~16.8V (Dual battery)
Operating Voltage (Battery) D-Tap 12 ~ 16.8V
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 45°C / -4°F ~ 113°F
Control Methods On-board, Sidus Link (Sidus Mesh®)
Wireless Operating Range (Bluetooth) ≤ 80m / 262.5ft
Screen Type OLED
Weatherproofing Yes
Cooling Method Active Cooling
Cable Type: Head Cable 4-pin DC Twist Lock Cable
Cable Type: Power Cable Locking IEC Power Cable (4m)
Accessory Mount LS 60 Mini Mount
Accessory Mount Diameter 120mm / 4.72in
Mounting 16mm | 5/8in (Baby Pin)
Dimensions: Lamp Head without Yoke 209*116mm / 8.23*4.57in
Dimensions: Lamp Head with Yoke 280*156*127mm / 11.02*6.14*5in
Dimensions: Barn Doors Closed 134*108*33mm / 5.28*4.25*1in
Dimensions: Power Supply 135*56*34mm / 5.31*2.2*1in
Dimensions: NP-F Battery Plate 103*87*25mm / 4.06*3.43*1in
Dimensions: Case 420*200*200mm / 16.54*7.87*8in
Weight: Lamp Head 1.8kg / 3.968lbs
Weight: Barn Doors 222g / 0.489lbs
Weight: Power Supply 370g / 0.816lbs
Weight: NP-F Battery Plate 134g / 0.295lbs
Weight: Total w/ Case 4.475kg / 9.866lbs