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Each deck has been covered with facing to prevent the equipment displacing.
The whole cart as well as its particular parts can be easy folded without any tools as a little dimension suitcase to be carry
in most cars’ spaces and still save more place. Assembly and disassembly takes only 2 minutes and are incredibly effortless.

The Standard model has four hand-folded wheels (9″- fi225 mm) which are equipped with sealed bearings.
Swivel wheels have got a brake, and the two additional wheels make it easier to transport the cart when it is folded.
9″ Pneumatic wheels with two brakes.
10″ Pneumatic wheels with two brakes (additional option, the total weight of the cart will increase by 0.75 kg and the height by 30mm)

Folded cart dimensions: height 175mm / width 630mm / lenght 1045mm
Assembled cart dimensions: height 1025mm / width 630mm / lenght 1045mm
Weight: 38kg without accessories
Capacity: max 200kg